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Why Commission

I founded Lury Furniture around the belief that furniture, which has a function in its own right, can also encompass your own creative vision, ideas and individuality through a process of commissioning a bespoke design.

From a dining table, that after 20 years is able to conjure up wonderful memories in every dent and faded watermark; the set of comfortable chairs around it, that have supported many a body through delightful evenings which have lasted long into the early hours; to the bed that is able to envelop you through leisurely Sunday mornings, every piece of furniture we use and own plays a prominent part in our lives. 

The desire to have bespoke and individual pieces of furniture which you have helped conceive and which encompass part of your vision and ideas can easily be realised through the commissioning process.

Individual Guarantee

Although a look or style may run through a number of my pieces, I can guarantee that as a commissioned piece, the furniture that is designed and made for you will be 100% unique and you will never see an identical piece.

The Commissioning Process

Typically, most commissions have three main steps:
a) understanding you, your needs, ideas and vision to define a brief;
b) undertaking the design process to come up with a bespoke piece;
c) physical production of the piece and delivery.

Building an understanding of you, be this you as an individual or you as a family, would ideally be done face-to-face and in the space where the final piece is to be located.  This opportunity to meet allows me to understand the basic needs of the piece that you may have, such as dimensions and overall shape, and more importantly to get a perspective on your individuality and creative vision.  Through a discussion of your tastes and a presentation of my portfolio and other designs that interest you we can narrow down ideas and aspects that are important to you such as colour, feel and type of wood.  At this stage it is also useful to begin to understand budgets.  There would be no fee at this stage, with the possible exception of reasonable travel expense reimbursement.

After the meeting, I will send you a letter laying out what we discussed to ensure I have fully understood.  I will then go away and draw up design ideas with preliminary costings to present back to you which would typically take 4 weeks.  As before, this would preferably be undertaken in person so that reactions and alterations can be understood.  Again, there would be no fee at this stage.

The final stage, assuming you are happy and satisfied with the design, the price, the timeline and myself, is commissioning the construction of the piece and personal delivery when complete.  At the start of the construction I ask for a payment of 40% of the fee with the balance due on delivery.  Some larger projects will require the balance to be split into two parts, the first being payable during construction and the second on delivery.  I will regularly update you on the construction progress and would always welcome you to visit the workshop at any stage.

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