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Can I commission all types of furniture?
Yes.  If there is a piece you have in mind I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to understand your vision, tastes and individuality and draw up some design ideas.

How long does a typical commission take?
As all the furniture is hand made, this depends on a number of factors such as the complexity of the piece and ease of sourcing the materials.  When we sit down to discuss the commission and I have some designs to present to you I will be able to give you an indication of the production timeline.  However, as a rough guide a typical lead time could be from 4-9 months.

Do you do all the design work or do you need me to be a designer too?
You are welcome to involve yourself as little or as much as you like throughout the design process.  Typically I would produce a design using the understanding of your creative vision and brief.

What if I have some design ideas of my own that I want to include, is this possible?
Yes.  When we meet to determine the brief and get a feel for your desired vision, I will ensure that any needs or ideas you have are fully understood by me.  The summary of our meeting that follows is also a way for you to ensure that I have done this correctly.

What if you take the brief and I don’t like your design solutions?
This can happen, however if I have understood you and your vision properly this should not be the case.  Typically I would give you a choice of 2 or 3 design options that respond to your brief, one which may push the design boundaries slightly.  In the rare case that none of these are acceptable I will happily go back to the drawing board for a second time.

Will my piece be unique?
Yes.  Although a look or style may run through a number of my pieces, I can guarantee that as a commissioned piece, the furniture that is designed and made for you will be 100% unique and you will never see an identical piece.

Do you work with other materials other than wood?
Yes, however wood is my primary material.  The ability to combine wood with other materials such as glass or metal and create interesting pieces is one of its adorable characteristics and something I am always happy to do.  I will undertake the commissioning and sourcing of all materials and ensure that you have delivery of a complete piece from me.

Do you design upholstered chairs or only do wooden seated chairs?
I design all types of chairs.  Upholstered furniture is beautiful and the ability to add a leather, suede or fabric to compliment a wooden piece can add a striking new dimension which lifts the piece and the wood.  I will undertake the commissioning and sourcing of all upholstery materials and ensure that you have delivery of a complete piece from me.

How much will it cost?
A piece of commissioned furniture is individual and can be tailored to a variety of budgets depending on the complexity of the piece as well as the materials chosen.  The first meeting we have will include a discussion on budgets and when I come back to see you to present my design solutions I will be able to give you a detailed costing with the different options.


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