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‘Dichotomy’ Dining/Hall Chair

Commission Date: February 2011
Delivery Date: April 2011
Woods: American Black Walnut and Rippled European Sycamore

Dimensions: 450mm wide, 600mm deep, 1,110mm high.
Guide Price: £7,000 - £10,000 for set of 6

I adore the idea that ‘modern’ can meet ‘tradition’ resulting in a piece
that is both interesting and timeless in its own right. This chair,
speculatively designed, reflects a personal interest in both eras and
my interest of playing with expectations; when under an unoccupied
table only the traditional back is visible until it is pulled out to sit on
and the sensual curve is revealed.

Dichotomy brings together a traditional ladder-back chair design
inspired by Ernest Gimson (an architect-designer working during the
arts and craft movement at the turn of the last century) which has
slats that play with positive and negative space - slats get wider as
they rise up the chair back and the space between them gets smaller
- with a modern curve as the seat.

The particular chairs in the photo emphasize the difference
between the traditional ladder-back in American Black Walnut and
the curved seat in plywood veneered with Rippled European
Sycamore, yet versions in a single or other woods are also possible.

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