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Fiona's Ring Box

Commission Date: December 2010
Delivery Date: December 2010
Woods: Cocobolo, rosewood native to Central America and Rippled European Sycamore

Dimensions: 90mm wide, 80mm deep, 75mm high.
Guide Price: £500 - £750

I was in a position to make a ring box to hold my fiancées engagement ring making the box, as well as the ring, very personal. I designed the box around my fiancées love of curves and to give a feeling that something precious was inside whilst being careful not to take away from the ring itself.

For the box core I chose a rosewood called Cocobolo, native to Central America, as it was deep in colour with streaks of red and orange running through it which I could match to the suede that held the ring in place. The box is shaped on three sides to give a feeling of sensuality and the base is carved into pointed feet to make it more delicate and lighter in appearance.

I veneered the inside of the box with Rippled European Sycamore to firstly; when the shell is closed, give the impression of a bright light reflection of gold trying to burst out of a treasure chest, and secondly; when the box is open, lighten the area surrounding the ring and give a bright surface for it to sparkle. The box went down very well but I still think my fiancée liked the ring better!

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