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I believe that we must strive for excellence in what we do, especially when it comes to clients.  When thinking of commissioning I would encourage you to contact past clients to discuss my work with them.  Below are some reviews and testimonials of my work.

David's Bookcase
“I'm absolutely delighted with the bookshelves which Jean-Damien designed and built to house my book collection. Jean-Damien worked closely with me to design shelves which met my requirements precisely, and then worked quickly and professionally to put the shelves up. The whole process was totally hassle-free and the end result looks fantastic. I am very proud to have my book collection displayed in such a manner. Thank you Jean-Damien.”
David Stainer


Katie's CD Unit
“I had a very fixed idea in my mind's eye of how I wanted my music collection to be stored. Jean-Damien was able to replicate the exact aesthetic that I had envisaged. He took great care to pay attention to my brief, whilst cleverly matching the existing theme of clean lines and modernity within a Georgian, traditional space - no mean feat! I have been left with such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and such a clever ergonomic space that shows off my collection to the full, and with the potential to grow further. Best of all, the piece looks as if it has always meant to be there and I can't imagine anything different!”
Katie Bramall


Sarah's Box
“It was great to see you and the box just looked stunning. The wood looks so interesting and gives a lovely contrasting warmth to the intricate detail work at the front of the box, that you have done so well. I know Sarah will be as excited to receive it as I was to commission it. It is going to be hard for me to keep it a secret."
Matthew Harding


Olivier's Cufflink Box
"With exceptional craftsmanship, beautiful materials and consideration for every single detail of the piece, you have created an inspiring piece of art. Your accurate perception of my personality and style shine though in the beautiful cufflink box. Its colours, vividness, sensuality to the touch and choice of woods make it a joy to open every morning. Bravo Jean-Damien!"
Olivier Gerarduzzi


Anna's Boxes
“Thank you for the work on the two boxes. I genuinely consider them to be exquisite and perfectly tailored to the commission. Frankly, it’s hard for me to let them go (!), but I shall be so glad to give them. Thank you so much.”
Anna Kirk


Stephane's Box
“You Crazy?!?! What is not to love about this beautiful wedding gift? It is already much treasured and used. Amazing craftsmanship and gorgeous woods, no more needs to be said about something that speaks for itself.”
Stephane Farouze


Beverley's Ring Box
“After hearing how Jean-Damien followed his heart and decided to do something completely different with his life, I made the call to have a look at some of his work. I was speechless, the quality and attention to detail that I saw was second to none. When I commissioned Jean-Damien, his ideas and suggestions for this piece were thoughtful, knowledgeable and very personal. I knew I was going to be astonished at what ever he produced and he did not let me down. My now fiancée is extremely happy and proud to have a beautiful and bespoke ring box.”
Tobin Hedderwick


Butchers Coffee Table
“I am thrilled, it is just what I asked for. What I love about it is the patchwork-like patterns and the use of the Maple on the edges. It’s something I will never tire of looking at while enjoying my G&T.”
Denise Heane


Taya's Box
“I could not think of anything better, something elegant, built to last, indeed a future heirloom. Commissioned by granny to give to my granddaughter who will in turn be able to pass it on to her children when they are young. A beautiful box to be cherished, thank you.”
Louise Goldsmith


Dichotomy Dining Chair
"This chair, which I think is very successful, was Jean-Damien's second shot, his first image crashed and burned but out of the ashes came this extra ordinary image, quite new and unlike any chair I have ever seen. It is very difficult to make a good chair; to make a good chair with this degree of originality is exceptional."
David Savage
Fiona's Ring Box
“Wow!  As romantic gestures go, this one will be difficult to top.  The love of my life, down on one knee in a beautiful romantic French hotel and holding not only a gorgeous sparkler but the most beautifully crafted ring box!  It is truly exquisite.  I particularly love its sensuous curves and the richness of the Cocobolo wood which then gives way to the gorgeous golden hue of the ripple sycamore when it’s opened to reveal its treasure. I’m smitten with it but even more so with Jean-Damien!”
Fiona Lury (née Bassett)

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